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Year: 2018

Medium: Photography Kodak T-max400 (scanned)

Dimension: 35mm

    Where Shakespeare said “Looking on darkness which the blind do see,”he was wrong. The blind are forbidden darkness. I live in the center of a luminous mist.

—Jorge Luis Borges, The Dick Cavett Show, 1980


These photos were taken on an island in Hong Kong, and present a very different side of the city. 

Hong Kong is both familiar and distant--the frenzy of consumption which bridges the cities is like a thin layer of ice over a chasm, which strikes a delicate balance. Under this reciprocal exchange, the effectiveness of communication suffers, leaving only clues with no means to respond. Each of these photos is a posture of no-communication, a rejection, a dodge, or just a leftover.



这组照片拍摄于香港的一个海岛上,照片中的香港和印象中的香港截然不同,它是十分熟悉的,也是疏离的——消费的狂欢像一层薄冰敷在鸿沟之 上,达成了一种微妙的平衡。在互惠的前提下,沟通的效力被消解了,只留下蛛丝马迹却无从回应。这组照片中,每一张都是一种无沟通的姿态,拒绝的,闪躲的,或者仅仅留下了信息。

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