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Year: 2016/ 2019

Medium/Materials : Improvisation / video

Dimension / Duration : 00:07:21

Performer : Yan Sanyuan

Video : Liu Yifan (20Hz group)

Audio : Crockett Ford

110000 is the postal code of Shenyang, which is the location where this work was made.

As an organism, space is also the physical evidence of experience. Man is the subject and object of experience. When we build, we are inspired by the passion of the march; When we discard, we turn back and ignore the decaying scene. Does the abandonment of space also reflect a certain abandonment and betrayal of experience, a desire to reset, or is it abandonment and betrayal of ourselves?


空间作为一个有机体,也是经验的物证。人是经验的主体,也是它的客体。当我们建造时,我们被 行军一般的激情感染;当我们弃置时,我们别过头去,忽视眼前的颓败。对空间的弃置是否也反射 着某一种对经验的弃置和背叛、一种对归零重置的渴望,或者说,是对我们自身的一种弃置和背叛。

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